Hutchinson Engineering Excels in Bespoke Products

Our experienced team can design and manufacture your product for market.


Our Design Engineers have over 50 years’ experience across varied sectors including Aerospace, Agricultural, Materials Handling and Road Transport.

Hutchinson Engineering’s in house design capabilities can help bring your ideas to market.

There is no such thing as ‘impossible’

We believe our commitment to optimal design makes us stand out from the crowd. Our clients may have been told that their concept is impossible to manufacture. We can make it happen.

It is our ability to combine innovative design and cutting edge technology that allows us to consistently deliver.

From Manufacturing Prototypes to Full Production Lines

Creative ideas | innovation

Hutchinson Engineering work closely with our design engineers to manufacture prototypes and then lead the complete manufacturing process.  With state of the art flat bed laser technology, sheet metal bending facilities, a welding shop and tube laser technology we can ensure quality, reliable and consistent products.

Modify and Identify areas of stress prior to production

Using the latest Solidworks 3D software our engineers design and construct complex models that are used to identify any areas of stress or modifications required prior to prototyping. This enables us to achieve problem free production.

Wet paint, zinc plating, galvanising, powder coating, and polishing

Our design knowledge also includes appropriate finishing, that can further enhance the aesthetics of your product.

Contact Us to discuss how we can take your product from an idea to reality.