Advanced Tube Laser

  • The shortest possible lead times
  • ISO 9001:2015, 100+ workforce, £3.6m investment in machinery
  • Design Assistance, dedicated transport facilities available throughout the UK

As a leading sheet metal cutting company, Hutchinson Engineering Birmingham are known to be early adopters of the latest technology. Back in the 90s we were one of the first sub-contractors to invest in laser cutting machinery. Now our laser cutting services are available to businesses in the West Midlands. Every component that is processed will pass through some form of laser cutting.

Why laser cutting?

Our team’s knowledge, best practice and commitment to quality enables us to stay at the forefront of laser cutting, even in an increasingly crowded market place. We have experience and expertise of working within the following sectors: AEROSPACE , MEDICALMATERIALS HANDLING & RECYCLINGCOACH-BUILDING  / ROAD TRANSPORT AND AGRICULTURE.

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Benefits of laser cutting

  • In comparison with laser punching,  laser cutting results in a superior edge finish removing the need for de-burring or additional finishing
  • Ability to incorporate intricate detail & marking
  • Any contour or complex shapes and designs can be cut out with lasers using software/ CAD instead of tooling
  • Faster turnaround times than other profile cutting methods
  • Component heat distortion is visibly reduced leading to minimal workpiece distortion,
  • Using a nitrogen assist gas, a polished edge finish can be achieved on materials like stainless steel
  • Metal can be processed without any physical contact / use of force
  • Slitting is done at high speed, precisely, with a small kerf
  • High processing speed results
  • Cut surfaces have little roughness; the thinner the metal sheet, the smoother the edge

Why you should use Hutchinson Engineering?

  • Recent investments in new plant and machinery totalling £3.6M
  • A world class manufacturing facility of circa. 80,000sq ft.
  • A skilled workforce of over 100 (design engineers, mechanical engineers, capacity planners, quality, IT & logistics specialist)
  • A commitment to excellence and skills development has led to our in-house apprenticeship scheme
  • Quality accreditations include ISO9001:2015 and Investors in People
  • Expertise in the Agricultural, Coach Building, Materials Handling, Medical and more recently the Aerospace Industry has allowed us to access large SMEs, OEMs and blue chip clients increasing our output annually
  • Offices in Birmingham

Flexibility, Rapid turnaround times, reduced production times of over 30%

The number and type of materials processed each year has increased with each investment in new laser technology. Hutchinson Engineering has the capability to process Mild steel, Aluminium, Inconel, Titanium, Hardox, Chequer Plate, Stainless steel, Brass & Copper.

Rapid turnaround times are now part of everyday business in the engineering sector. Recent investment in automated sheet loading and fibre technology can reduce production times by up to 30%.


24/7 production / weekend and night shifts

Flexibility has been key to the relationships with our clients, with Hutchinson Engineering quickly able to flex up and down depending on the customer’s requirements at any point in time. This has included 24/7 manufacturing with the addition of a night shift and weekend shift as required by the customer.

Precision Engineering

Having invested in the very latest machinery, our laser cutting can produce complex contours with immense accuracy.

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At Hutchinson Engineering we know that it's crucial to deliver to the highest quality standards. We also believe that it's easy to say and more difficult to demonstrate, so we put quality at the centre of everything we do. The team work hard to maintain not only our quality accreditations, but also maintain our own stringent internal systems and processes.

ISO 9001

Hutchinson Engineering: precise, sub-contract laser tube cutting services.

Services Offered: CAD / CAM Support; Design Assistance; Prototype Services; Low Volume Production; High Volume Production; Inspection / Quality Control Specialty Cutting: Tube / Pipe; Film / Sheet